We are built on a foundation of strong values

Our aim to be the best we can isn’t about dollars and cents. We’re focused on mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with our partners and responsible stewardship of our resources.


Our core values point all our decisions in that direction and drive our daily actions.

Act with Integrity

We honor truth, meet our commitments, and demonstrate ethical behavior in all business practices. What we say aligns with what we do. We operate with honesty and transparency in dealing with customers, vendors and employees. We lead by example, accepting correction when wrong and asking forgiveness when necessary.


Be Customer Centric

We are customer focused, constantly providing the highest levels of service to our builder partners. On their behalf we are creative, responsive problem solvers. We implement win/win solutions, demonstrating an unmatched level of servant leadership that leads to profitable long term relationships.


Champion Teamwork

We recognize that the sum of our intelligence, creativity, and effort is exponentially greater than our individual contributions. We value the diversity of experience, thought and talent each employee brings to the workplace every day. We encourage one another, sharing in both our successes and shortfalls. We recognize the inherent dignity in all individuals, and treat others with the highest degree of respect and courtesy. We actively work to become better teammates, and accept individual accountability for our interchangeable roles as both leaders and followers.


Demonstrate Stewardship

We are thoughtful stewards of the financial, material, and human resources with which we have been entrusted. We maintain discipline in management of company debt and investment, keeping a generational commitment to long-term organizational health. Because profitable growth provides the means by which achievement of organizational mission and goals becomes possible, we commit to maximizing both. We ensure a safe working environment for the long-term health of our associates.


Deliver Operational Excellence

We perform to the highest standards of organizational excellence. We establish and exceed individual, team, and corporate goals. We constantly measure performance and quality, and develop and implement practices to continually improve both. We seek and deliver organizational and individual accountability, taking personal responsibility for all actions and results.


Develop People

We recognize that people are our most important asset, and commit to the development of all associates. We uncover the talents and gifts of every associate and create developmental pathways and opportunities to help people reach their fullest potential. We take ownership of our own personal and professional growth. We plan for succession, identifying and equipping leaders to reach increasing levels of performance and responsibility. We reward based on performance and adherence to company values, and promote based on potential.

Spraggins Incorporated - Professional Building Solutions
Builder Services

We work with custom and production home builders, installing high quality interior finishes, while saving time and money.

Spraggins Incorporated - Professional Building Solutions
Multi-Family Solutions

We provide installation and renovation services uniquely suited to serve multi-family owners and developers.

Spraggins Incorporated - Professional Building Solutions
Fabrication & Supply

Our centralized fabrication facility provides trusted cabinet and countertop options for builders and contractors.

Spraggins Incorporated - Professional Building Solutions
TradePro Installations

Through training and development, we turn apprentices into master installers.