Renovation Solution

The multifamily renovation process is highly layered and fragmented. General contractors sub-contract work to individual carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, and countertop fabricators. These layers source materials from different distributors who work with multiple factories and inventory warehouses. Each layer adds its own cost and time, causing delays.


At Spraggins – we’ve developed The Renovation Solution – a unique turnkey solution designed to remove the layers between property owners and installed final interiors. We’ve combined over 40 years of construction experience with significant investment in an integrated supply chain to offer our customers a single point of contact for their multifamily renovations.


We hire and cross-train our own labor, coordinate direct access to building materials, and remove project management layers reducing overall renovation complexity without sacrificing design or quality. We ensure that all on-site activities are completed with tenants secure, and minimal disruption. Plus, we control the schedule, reducing build time per unit from weeks to days. So, units can be rented faster, customers are up and running sooner, and revenue is generated in less time.


The Spraggins Renovation Solution is a game changer.

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Builder Services

We work with custom and production home builders, installing high quality interior finishes, while saving time and money.

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Multi-Family Solutions

We provide installation and renovation services uniquely suited to serve multi-family owners and developers.

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Fabrication & Supply

Our centralized fabrication facility provides trusted cabinet and countertop options for builders and contractors.

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TradePro Installations

Through training and development, we turn apprentices into master installers.