About Us

Spraggins Inc. has been serving the construction industry as a distributor and contractor since 1980. Based in Orlando Florida, our customers include many of the largest residential developers and builders in the country.


Growth and Diversification Through the Years

Early Days

Mike Spraggins Sr. acquired Dowling Floor Covering in 1980, after the company was established in 1979 by Ernie Dowling. At the time the company consisted of three employees and sold carpeting out of a small warehouse in Orlando. Growing the company through the 1980’s, the husband and wife team of Mike and Margie Spraggins focused on the homebuilder customer and grew the company considerably.

New Growth

After working as a CPA for Arthur Andersen and Co., Michael Spraggins Jr. joined the company in 1992 with a goal of growing the company into a larger and more diversified enterprise. In the mid 1990’s the company added ceramic tile to its offering, doubling its revenue per house completed and increasing its focus on the production home builder.


The 2000’s brought the great housing boom followed by the great recession. During this time, the decision was made to use the downturn to expand and diversify. During this time the company acquired a countertop fabrication company, a multi-family flooring company, and cabinet capability along with expanding to other locations throughout Florida. Today, the business is growing and diversified, expanding into adjacent markets in a focused way following market opportunities and customer demand.


In 2020 Spraggins acquired GC Sourcing, a network of affiliated and owned factories in six countries, serving multifamily customers throughout the United States in distributing and installing cabinets and countertops, and taking the company beyond Florida and deeper into international sourcing.