International Sourcing

Factory Direct Products and Turnkey Service

Spraggins serves the industry with decades of experience in both general contracting and global sourcing. Our global, end-to-end approach reduces costs, ensures quality, and allows you to more efficiently utilize your own time and resources.

Vertical Integration: Importing from Overseas

Spraggins owns and operates cabinet manufacturing in Southeast Asia. Our extensive experience and resources in international sourcing, allows us to deliver all our product categories from some of the best manufacturers in the world with a focus on impeccable quality and low costs. Our comprehensive import service includes manufacturing, quality control, and delivery service from six different countries.

Diverse Product Offering: Installed

Our focus is on arguably the most important product categories in multifamily housing, those that comprise the kitchens and bathrooms. We understand the aesthetic and quality standards required for the US market and offer the best-built options for all the classic and modern product styles available. Spraggins’ installation teams offer quality, speed, value and accountability to this important process. Contact us today to see if our cost effective import services can benefit your company.


Spraggins owns and operates cabinet manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. Our broader network of factories affords the full diversity of cabinet styles and options produced in multiple countries to ensure the reliability of the supply chain. Our cabinets are made with the highest quality at the best possible value. We offer all available styles, colors and accessories with the ability to match any traditional look or contemporary trend, from shaker to raised panel to European style frameless.


Spraggins is set up to provide builders, contractors, and developers with countertops for multi-unit new construction and remodel projects.  We offer all the typical granite and quartz options at great pricing. Our lines include countertops ideal for homes, condos, apartments, even higher-end houses.

  • Granite and quartz slabs
  • Granite and quartz tops (kitchen and bath, 3cm and 2cm)
  • Granite and quartz blanks
  • Granite and quartz tile

In addition to cabinets and countertops, we can outfit your kitchen with sinks, hardware and more. Contact us for more information.