The Renovation Solution

The Renovation Solution for Multi-Family is a game changer.

We’ve developed The Renovation Solution – a unique turnkey solution for property owners and managers designed to remove the layers between the beginning of an apartment turn and installed final interiors.

Over 40 Years Experience

Spraggins Inc. has delivered consistent quality and cost-focused expertise to the construction industry since 1980.

Turn-key Renovations

Our end-to-end approach reduces costs, ensures quality, eliminates common delays and produces faster turns.

Fastest Path to Revenue

We reduce the turn cycle with on-schedule installations that get new renters in sooner with less rental loss.

The TRS Difference

  • We review plans and do take-offs
  • We estimate our projects with materials and labor
  • We source and manage delivery of all materials
  • We own our own state-of-art countertop fabrication facility
  • We assemble, deliver on our own trucks, and install cabinets in Central Florida
  • We stock our own product in our own warehouse
  • We have direct access to manufacturer stock
  • We partner with HD Supply (and Home Depot Pro), giving us stock and quantity purchasing power
Installed wood kitchen cabinets ready for countertop installation.

Deliver in Full and on Time

Our overall goal is to always deliver in full and on time. We are so focused on this metric we post it throughout our operations as the key driver in ensuring our customers are receiving complete, quality installs on or before scheduled completion dates.

Save time and money with our unparalleled turnkey service – one stop for combined product sourcing, delivery, and installation.

We deliver and install LVP flooring, cabinets and countertops. Prefer to use ceramic flooring? We do that in just two days.

Get in touch today and ask for a free project estimate to see for yourself how Spraggins’ The Renovation Solution can help put your renovation project on the fast track.

Why Spraggins

Integrated Services

As your single source for flooring/wall tile, cabinets and countertops, we streamline the installation process to accelerate your build cycle, reducing construction time while providing one project management point of contract for all core services. Our installation teams typically manage all 3 of our core services while providing quality, speed, value, and accountability to this important process.

Trusted Value

Spraggins offers the best available quality, at the best available prices. Our large global supply chain and product portfolio allows us to offer items from the most trusted brand names in the industry as well as private label VE options, with low overhead and high volume discounts passed along to you. 

Consistency and Quality, Guaranteed

Partnering with materials and installation providers for these three core services creates a unique advantage for our clients. These include bundled product selection for cohesive design, consistent installation quality from room to room and unit to unit and extended warranty coverage for guaranteed customer satisfaction.